1Health Medical Center is based out of Bangalore, Karnataka and is located in Dasarahalli near Peenya Industrial Area. The center was conceived with the intention of providing numerous medical related services under one roof. Patients visiting 1Health Medical Center have the convenience of meeting up with an Orthopedic Surgeon, a Cosmetic Dentist, a Cardiologist, a General Practitioner, a Pediatric Consultant, a Physiotherapist, and so forth in the same place and during the same day. An appointment can be scheduled and the patient needs to just mention which all specialists they need to meet up with. The desired consultants will be available at the center during the time of their visit. There are numerous other conveniences that have been built into the medical center; patients can utilize the diagnostic center and X-Ray facility. A convenience has been built in to give patient education as the need be. Thus, 1Health Medical Center has turned out to be a go to medical center for people residing in the vicinity of Dasarahalli, Jalahalli, Peenya, Bagalgunte, Chikkabanavara, Shettihalli, and many more localities.